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16 Passenger SUV Limo


  • Capacity: 16 Minors & 14 Adults
  • Unique lighting
  • Passenger controls
  • Bar area and privacy shade
  • Advanced sound system

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Just when you thought an SUV couldn’t get any cooler, you get to learn about what to expect when you rent a limousine service in the form of an SUV stretch limousine service. If you like luxury combined with versatility, music, and fun, you’ll love the features you get when you book an SUV stretch limousine. Your Los Angeles exploration just got a whole lot more interesting.

What is a Los Angeles SUV Stretch Limousine?

An SUV stretch limousine rental has everything that you would ever expect in a top-end SUV, combined with everything you would expect from a top-end stretch limousine. That means you can expect plenty of room, a smooth ride, and lots of ways to entertain yourself when you rent a 16 passenger SUV stretch limo.

Enjoy a Los Angeles Drink In Your SUV limousine

Use the bar area in your 16 passenger SUV limousine rental. You can expect nothing but the best from our Los Angeles limo service, including a bar area within easy reach. You can sit back and enjoy a drink with friends in your SUV stretch limo rental no matter what road you’re on. You can also rest easy knowing you enjoy your drink in privacy because the window tinting on this 16 passenger SUV stretch limousine rental doesn’t allow anyone to see inside the limousine; but you can see everything you want to outside of it.

Special Lighting in Your Los Angeles Stretch Limousine

Do you like to set the mood with lighting? When you rent a 16 passenger SUV limousine, you get to enjoy unique lighting that can change the mood of you and your entire group. You can brighten up the interior of the SUV limousine rental, or dim it down a bit and create a soothing, relaxed atmosphere.

Wrap Yourself in Comfort with Limo Service on the Streets of Los Angeles

Sink into luxurious wrap-around leather seats when you climb into your luxury SUV limousine rental. When you rent a 6 passenger SUV stretch limousine, you don’t get just get a smooth, luxurious ride, you get soft leather comfort along the way as well. Every member of your party will be happy to sit back and enjoy being immersed in luxury as they stretch their legs in the ample floor space the stretch limousine rental offers.

Combine the Sounds of Los Angeles with the Music in the SUV Limousine

Don’t forget to bring your iPod or CDs with you to connect to the top of the line audio system. Whether you just want a bit of background music in your SUV limousine, or you want to drown out the sounds of Los Angeles, when you book a 16 passenger SUV stretch limousine, you can expect high quality sound to go with your lighting and leather seats. Don’t wait until the last minute. book a 16 passenger SUV stretch limousine service today! Give yourself and your group plenty of time to decide on exactly the right size you need. You may have plenty of room in the 16 passenger SUV limo, or you might need to go a bit bigger with the 20 passenger SUV.