20 Passenger Party Bus

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From $125.00/hour

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  • Seating up to 20 Children and 18 Adults
  • Bottled Waters and Ice Complimentary
  • Premium Sound system

What will you choose when it comes down to transportation options for your next outing? Will it be a 20 passenger SUV rental? Maybe you prefer a Hummer limousine rental. Maybe your crowd prefers to be up and moving with a 20 Passenger party bus rental. Once you learn the details about what kind of service and features you get with a party bus rental, you might find that the 20 passenger party bus is the perfect choice for you and the members of your outing.

Why Choose the 20 Passenger Party Bus Rental for Your Los Angeles Outing?

You know the preferences of your group members, so the party bus rental or stretch limousine that you choose is completely up to you. The primary benefit of booking a 20 passenger party bus rental service is the floor space that is available. If your group is full of active, fun people, you need to rent a party bus today, from ULC Limos. When you first enter the 20 passenger party bus, you’ll immediately notice the dance floor. It’s not that you have to dance, but when you have a party bus rental full of fun loving active people, why wouldn’t they want to dance in the party bus as they are traveling down the street? The tinted windows on the 20 passenger party bus rental mean that other drivers can’t see in the party bus, but you and your group can see them. So, if your friends are shy about dancing, tell them they don’t have to cling to the vertical safety pole on the party bus rental. They can dance all they want without any kind of fear of being seen by anyone other than the people on the party bus.

Turn Your Los Angeles Trip Into a Party Bus Party

Now that you know about the dance floor on the 20 passenger party bus rental, what about the music and lights? The party bus rental service includes mood lighting in the form of fiber optic lights, and you also have the laser light option. This 20 passenger party bus rental was meant for fun and action! That is why you can even personalize the setting of the party bus rental by plugging your iPod and AUX cord into the available port on the high quality sound system in the 20 passenger party bus. You and your friends can use your own music instead of relying on the tastes of the party bus service. But you don’t have to dance to enjoy this party bus. You can just relax on the leather covered seats and watch everyone else dance. This rental party bus is equipped with bottled water and ice as well, so you can make yourself right at home. If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles with a group of people, why ask everyone to drive? Instead, book a 20 passenger party bus. Be sure to call in advance so you’ll have some flexibility to add or remove people if their plans happen to change.

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