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20 Passenger SUV


  • Capacity: 20 Minors & 18 Adults
  • Leather Seats
  • Neon Lights / Fiber Optic Lights
  • Rear Passenger controls
  • Privacy Divider and bar area

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Are you looking for a way to take a Los Angeles outing with a group of friends, but don’t necessarily feel like you need to rent a party bus? If so, the 20 passenger SUV limousine may be exactly what you need. When your main goal is to ride in luxury and ultimate comfort through the streets of Los Angeles, let a Cadillac SUV limo rental get you where you need to be.

Cruising Los Angeles in an SUV Limousine Rental

Whether you want to make a statement in Los Angeles or if you are just out for the day with friends, the 20 passenger Cadillac SUV limousine service is perfect for your needs. Known for luxury as well as a smooth ride, the Cadillac SUV limo rental is the top of the line when you want to rent a sports utility vehicle that has as much class as it has endurance. The sleek exterior of the 20 passenger Cadillac limo rental is a great indication of what’s inside. Note that you can’t actually see what’s inside because of the tinted windows, a feature you’ll appreciate when you’re looking for privacy in your limousine rental.

Create a Los Angeles Atmosphere Inside the SUV Limousine Rental

From lighting to music, this limousine rental has it all. You can use fiber optics or neon lights to create a Los Angeles atmosphere inside this 20 passenger SUV limo. You can create a party environment or you can set a laid back tone, depending on your mood and the mood of your group. Or depending on how the night goes, you can change the mood as the night unfolds in your 20 passenger SUV limo.

Enjoy Some Los Angeles Sounds in Your SUV Limousine Rental

Do you like to drive around with the windows open so you can hear the sounds going on around you? As your limousine service takes you through the streets of Los Angeles, you have the option to keep your windows down and enjoy Los Angeles outside the SUV limo rental. You also have the option of keeping the windows up and making your own music with privacy. You can even put the privacy window up between you and your limousine service professional who is behind the wheel. Whether the windows are up or down, plug in your iPod so you can take advantage of the sound system that comes with 20 passenger SUV limousine rental. Let the music blend with sounds of Los Angeles or just enjoy the musical atmosphere inside the limo rental. Don’t forget to share some drinks from the bar in the limousine rental. After all, you may as well take advantage of the one time you can have a drink as you are riding down the streets of Los Angeles in your SUV limousine rental! When you are ready to book a limo service, whether it’s a 20 passenger SUV or another type of limousine rental, call ahead to make sure you can book a limousine of your choice.