24 Passenger Party Bus

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From $135.00/hour

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  • Seating up to 24 Children and 22¬†Adults
  • Bottled Waters and Ice Complimentary
  • Premium Sound system

If you had the option, would you take the most boring route available for an outing, or would you prefer to have a bit of fun? Most people would prefer to have a bit of fun, but they don’t always realize what their options are while traveling. That’s why it’s important for you to learn about renting a 24 passenger party bus so you can plan your next Los Angeles outing accordingly and book a party bus rental.

Reasons to Rent a 24 Passenger Party Bus

A 24 passenger party bus rental in Los Angeles from ULC Limos is not like any other paryt bus you’ve ever been on. You’ll see that as soon as your party bus rental pulls up and you notice the darkly tinted windows. As sleek as the 24 passenger party bus rental looks, the outside is just the beginning. However, for your own peace of mind, take note of the sleek exterior of this party bus rental. The tinted windows and beautiful exterior should give you a level of confidence about your privacy and safety when you call to book a party bus rental. A Los Angeles party bus rental is built for more than transportation, In fact, it could be said that transportation is the least of the benefits you’ll reap when you rent a party bus rental service. That’s because the 24-passenger party bus rental is more like a private club on the inside than a bus.

Los Angeles Party Bus Rental Atmosphere

You can create the atmosphere of your choosing on your 24 passenger party bus rental. If you don’t use any of the features at all, you’ll still enjoy sitting in the leather covered seats as you watch the traffic go by your party bus rental, knowing that they can’t see you. As you sip your bottled water, provided by the party bus rental service along with ice, you might consider using the lighting system to set the mood on your party bus rental. Fiber optic lights as well as laser lights are just part of the package from your party bus rental service. While you’re setting up the lights, you might also consider some on board entertainment.

Los Angeles Party Bus Rental Sound System

You don’t have to rely on the 24 passenger party bus rental service to have music available that you will like. Instead, bring your iPod and AUX cord and plug into the existing sound system. Of course, you’ll know what to expect next since your feet are resting on the party bus rental dance floor right in front of you. If you don’t dance, that’s okay because it’s possible that some, or all of your friends do. And if they need a stand still partner, the vertical safety pole can help them out. Since it might feel odd to be dancing on a party bus rental with cars right next to you, this is the point at which you can really feel some appreciation for those tinted windows. When you get ready for your next outing, be sure to book a party bus rental so you can have just as much fun getting there as you will at the destination of your choosing.

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