28 Passenger Party Bus

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  • Seating up to 28 Children and 26¬†Adults
  • Bottled Waters and Ice Complimentary
  • Premium Sound system

Do you have an urge to do something a little different in Los Angeles? Whether you are planning a corporate outing or a family reunion, you can book a 28 passenger party bus rental for your transportation as well as for entertainment. If you have never considered a party bus rental service for your transportation needs, you don’t know what you’re missing. Los Angeles will never be the same for you once you’ve tried a party bus rental service in Los Angeles. Tour Los Angeles in a 28 Passenger Party Bus Rental

No matter what kind of a theme you have for the day or what kind of group you are planning the outing for, it’s easy to get around Los Angeles in a 28 passenger party bus rental. That’s because when you rent from a party bus rental service in Los Angeles, you get more than just a ride. You get a new life experience! You can go from place to place in your 28 passenger party bus rental without having to worry about parking, driving, or any of the other issues you might have when you drive in Los Angeles. Not only that, but you can tour Los Angeles together, as a group rather than have everyone drive in separate vehicles. That means you don’t have to worry about slow drivers or heavy traffic because everyone is all together in the party bus rental. Make Los Angeles Party Bus Rental Part of Your Itinerary You have the entire day planned to a tee. You know where you want to go and how long you want to spend there. When you book a 28 passenger party bus rental, you can include your time on the party bus rental as part of the itinerary because you are doing more than just getting a ride. You can dance, watch movies, relax on leather covered seats, or just take in the mood lighting and enjoy the ride. Forget about worrying how to get from point A to point B, with a 28 passenger party bus service, you can leave the worries to the driver and just sit back and relax. Dancing in Los Angeles on a Party Bus Rental Did you ever think you would have a chance to dance on a bus? The 28 passenger party bus rental service includes not just a dance floor with vertical poles, but a hi-tech sound system as well. Bring your iPod along and don’t forget your auxiliary cord so you can play your own music through the party bus rental sound system. If you need a bit of lighting to set the mood, the party bus rental service includes that as well. Fiber optic lights set the mood for those times when you want to enjoy a mellow setting or dance in your party bus rental, but you can also enjoy laser lighting when the mood strikes you. When you book a bus for your group, make sure you book a 28 passenger party bus rental so you can get the most out of your experience.

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