38 Passenger Party Bus

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From $175.00/hour

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  • Capacity: 36 Adults-38 minors
  • Refreshing bottle water and ice provided
  • Unique lighting
  • Dark exterior/interior
  • Wrap-a-round leather seating

When you want to set up a corporate outing or get a group of friends together in Los Angeles, where will you turn for your transportation needs? Have you considered a Los Angeles party bus rental, from ULC Limos? You can rent a 38 passenger party bus rental that can keep your whole group together. More than that, you don’t have to wait until the party bus rental stops in order to start having fun. You can have as much fun on the 38 passenger party bus as you will when you reach your destination!

Enjoy the Convenience of a Party Bus Rental in Los Angeles

Your Los Angeles party bus service isn’t just a form of transportation for large groups. When you book a 38 passenger party bus rental, you have a party and transportation all in one convenient setting. Why ask everyone to drive to the same location or try to organize a carpool when you can all just pitch in and rent a party bus instead? It may even cost less to book a 38 passenger party bus rental than it would to pay for the gas and parking fees of driving separately. To top it off, if you feel like having a few drinks when you’re out, you don’t have to worry about driving because the party bus service has that responsibility.

Start the Party in Your 38 Passenger Party Bus Rental

As soon as you board the 38 passenger party bus, you will notice that it isn’t like any other bus you’ve been on. When you rent a party bus, you are basically renting a party room on wheels. Whether you like to dance, want to have your favorite movie playing in the background, or just want to sit around and enjoy the mood lighting, you can do it all in your 38 passenger party bus rental.

What to Bring on Your 38 Passenger Party Bus

You’ll need to bring the things that you need for your destination, as well as any drinks other than bottled water, but the 38 passenger party bus rental comes complete with bottled water and ice. Bring your iPod, auxiliary cord, and any DVDs you think you might enjoy because you can use them all with the top-of-the-line system in the 38 passenger party bus rental.

What to Do on the Party Bus Rental

The rental party bus is set up so that you and your guests can lounge in leather covered seats or connect your iPod to the sound system and turn on the party lights so you can enjoy the dance floor. Your guests even have a vertical pole so they can balance themselves.

What About Los Angeles Party Bus Rental Privacy?

Though you can see everyone you pass on the road, as well as the Los Angeles city lights, the tinted windows prevent anyone from seeing inside the party bus rental, so you have all the privacy you want. When you get ready to plan your big event, don’t forget to book a 38 passenger party bus rental early from ULC Limos!

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