38 Passenger Party Bus

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From $175.00/hour

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  • Capacity: 36 Adults-38 minors
  • Refreshing bottle water and ice provided
  • Unique lighting
  • Dark exterior/interior
  • Wrap-a-round leather seating

You’ve been to a lot of places. You’ve had some unique experiences. But have you ever had the Los Angeles 38 passenger party bus rental experience? If not, now is the time to book a Los Angeles party bus rental for you and your friends. When you’re ready to enjoy the roads of Los Angeles without having to worry about driving, and you want to get together with more than just a few of your friends, there is no better option than to rent a 38 passenger party bus rental.

Los Angeles 38 Passenger Party Bus Rental

For one thing, you’re in Los Angeles. There are so many things you can do that it’s impossible to list them all. Get cultural with a visit to one of the many museums. Wear yourself out dancing the night away at one of the many Los Angeles dance clubs. Go to a live Los Angeles sporting event. And then there is the party bus rental itself. You’ve most likely been on a school bus and maybe even a charter bus. Wipe those images from your mind because the 40 passenger party bus rental is nothing like any other kind of bus. It’s a whole other experience on wheels. It’s freedom on the road. It’s a party bus rental!

Book a Los Angeles Event

To begin with, you can set the stage when you book a Los Angeles event. You have a destination, but now you need a ride. The only problem is, when you rent a 38 passenger party bus rental and you get picked up at the door, you may never even want to get to the event because you’ll be so dazzled by the party bus rental! But, you did book a Los Angeles event so you may as well show up. Just make sure you enjoy everything the Los Angeles party bus rental has to offer while you and your friends are on it.

Los Angeles Party Bus Rental Seating

Have a seat on the Los Angeles party bus rental in one of the many leather covered seats available. Thirsty? Relax and enjoy the bottled water that comes with every party bus rental. Or maybe you don’t want to sit. Maybe you prefer to stand, dance, or even lean on one of the vertical poles. Vertical poles? Yes, and you don’t just have to use them for leaning.

Los Angeles Party Bus Rental Dancing

Once you’ve made yourself comfortable, it’s time to make the most of the 38 passenger party bus rental space. That thing in the middle of the party bus rental? That’s a dance floor and all it is waiting for is for you or one of your guests to plug your AUX iPod cord into the magnificent sound system that comes with every party bus rental. If you or your friends need more to put you in the mood, just turn on the mood lighting or laser lights and you can dance all the way to your scheduled event. Don’t worry, the party bus rental service is such that when you are finished with your event, the party bus rental will be waiting for you to continue the evening. Don’t wait until the last minute, book a Los Angeles party bus rental today!

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