44 Passenger Party Bus

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From $185.00/hour

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  • Seating up to 46 Children and 44 Adults
  • Bottled Waters and Ice Complimentary
  • Premium Sound system

Are you looking for a way to take your entire club on an outing? Maybe your dying to do a tour of Los Vegas without having to worry about traffic or anything else. Maybe you just want to do something different with a large group of friends. Maybe you need to book a party bus rental.

46 Passenger Party Bus Rental

When you book a 46 passenger party bus rental, you aren’t going to just book a bus, you’re going to book a party bus rental, which is far more than just a form of transportation. It’s a party on wheels. It’s a dance club. It’s a moving theater. It’s whatever you need it to be. You bring the iPod full of music and the friends. The party bus rental will have everything else you need, including a driver who is willing to provide the service you need to enjoy your night or day on the town.

Why Rent a 46 Passenger Party Bus in Los Angeles?

If you’re going to have a party on the road, what better place to be? You can plan the places you want the party bus rental to go and you can even let the driver know if plans change. You’re going to book a party bus rental in Los Angeles because there are so many options to choose from when you want to plan an event. In the meantime, just enjoy the party bus rental.

Los Angeles Dance Club on Wheels

You may have a dance club you want to go to with your group, but you may as well get some practice while you’re on the party bus rental. Los Angeles has plenty of dance clubs to choose from, but when you book a 46 passenger party bus rental, it comes with its own dance floor as well as vertical poles so you can really get down if you want to. Music isn’t a problem because you can connect your AUX cord and iPod to the state of the art sound system on the party bus rental so you can dance whichever type of music you like. If you don’t dance, but you enjoy the music and watching other people dance, just kick back on the leather seats in the party bus rental and enjoy the ride with your complimentary ice and bottled water, or drink of your choice that you brought with you.

Los Angeles Party Bus Rental and Privacy on the Road

Your 46 passenger party bus rental wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if it didn’t afford you and your group some privacy. While you’re dancing away and able to see the cars that are next to you on the road, they won’t be able to see your moves. The party bus rental is complete with tinted windows that are so dark, most drivers won’t even know if the bus is empty or actually has passengers. That doesn’t mean it’s dark on the party bus rental, though. When you book a party bus rental, you also get mood lighting or laser lighting so you can set your own tone for the night. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and book a Los Angeles party bus rental today!

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