38 Passenger Party Bus

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From $175.00/hour

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  • Capacity: 32-40
  • Refreshing bottle water and ice provided
  • Unique lighting
  • Dark exterior/interior
  • Wrap-a-round leather seating


5319 University Dr., Ste #162 Irvine, CA 92612


Orange County 38 Passenger Party Bus Rentals

A 38 Passenger Party Bus Gets it Done

Renting a 38 Passenger Party bus might seem like it’s a little too large for your needs. You might just think you need a stretch limo and everyone can pile in and party together. But is that really the case?

Keep in mind that as people start to have fun they like to stretch out. That means that the stretch limousine that you had originally envisioned may end up feeling cramped and a little too close for comfort as the night progresses. In fact, having more room than you think you need may actually be perfect for a long night out along some of Orange County’s hot spots.

For example, you can also stretch out when the bus takes you to walk through historic sites like Buena Vista Street and Mission San Juan Capistrano, where Orange County originally began. Or you can enjoy a stretch with a round of golf on the Pelican Hill Golf Club course.

A Stretch Limo is Fun but a 38 Passenger Party Bus Is Better

Remember that old saying about having too much of a good thing? Well that doesn’t really apply when you are looking to book a stretch limousine or a nice 38 Passenger Party Bus for your event or festivities. There is a distinct possibility that as the evening progresses, some other people might just want to join the party. If you have allocated every seat in the 38 Passenger Party Bus or rented a stretch limousine that exactly fits your needs, then you are likely to end up being in very close quarters by the end of the night.

Speaking of festivities, take in the sites at Paradise Pier or the Pageant of the Masters, where quality theatrics await your viewing pleasure. At the end of the day, take a ride on the Balboa Island Ferry to cool off and stretch out.

Rent a Stretch Limo vs. 38 Passenger Party Bus?

As we mentioned above it is always better to over plan for space in your 38 Passenger Party Bus. A standard stretch limousine might be great for the immediate wedding party but what about adding in the spouses of the wedding party? As you can see, a little planning can save the day and booking a stretch lincoln town car or Chrysler 300 limo rental can quickly move into a 38 passenger Party Bus without much effort. Don’t make the mistake of reserving a limo rental that is too small and being left in a lurch when the actual day arrives.

Book a Limousine

It’s not difficult at all to rent a limousine or a 38 Passenger Party Bus. A professional company like ULC Limos can answer the right questions to be sure that you get what you need without over booking or under booking. They are trained to ask and answer the questions that will help you book a 38 Passenger Party Bus or rent a limousine if that is more in line with your needs.

Experience is the Key

Knowing who to call to get what you need is important. You certainly wouldn’t call a mechanic to cater an event and you shouldn’t call just anyone to rent a limousine. You need to have the date and time as well as an idea of the number of people that you expect to be using the 38 Passenger Party Bus when you call. Other than that, renting a limousine is not any harder than having a conversation with anyone else.

The key is to try and book a limousine as early as you can so that you can be assured of getting what you want. A limousine or a Passenger Party Bus might be available today and gone tomorrow so make sure to reserve it before it is too late.

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Thanks you so much for the excellent service and your driver was awesome to say the least.She was perfect my and my daughter’s Mother’s needs in both understanding as mother as herself and her professional attitude too was great.I have been in many limos over the past 30 years and I never been so satisfied with the driver and overall service.I know now who to call or who to direct someone to when a limo is needed. Thanks Again, Mr.Guerra

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