Our Approach

The limousine and transportation industry is notorious for poor service, limited insurance coverage, and fluctuating pricing either way too low they which means they may be cutting corners somewhere else or too high. ULC is one of a kind!

When it comes to limo and transportation services, ULC is the brand that you, your family and friends can turn to, knowing that our company and service providers are committed to providing you with reliability, dependability, security, and unparalleled service – all for a competitive price.

A One-Stop Partner for All Your Limo Service Needs
United Limousine & Charter provides hassle-free, worry-free, cost-effective limousine service to clients from all different needs, from the kids first day in school to their college graduation and much more. We are a On-Stop shop for all your limousine needs and even if we don’t specially have a particular vehicle you may require, through all extensive, pre-approved affiliate network you can be certain we will find it for you. Furthermore, we know who the good guys are and the one’s to stay away from and every affiliate must go through a thorough examination before we ever add them to our affiliate base. All this means better service and pricing for the customers. Saving them time and peace of mind. Our clients use our services for many reasons:


Bumper-To-Bumper Insurance
With ULC, you will have peace of mind knowing that all our vehicles are covered with full commercial passenger insurance binding up to 5 Million which is always on file with the California State Public Utilities Commission. Our company prides itself as the only few transport company’s offering this level of coverage. ULC takes your safety and makes it Paramount!

World-Class Customer Service
At ULC, we aren’t just high-tech, we’re high touch. Our professional sales support and customer service team is personally accountable for assuring that ULC meets and exceeds your limo service needs.

ON-Time Performance
At ULC, we monitor each and every vehicle through our very elaborate vehicle tracking system and get updates from drivers at all times regarding any issues out there on the roadways. We know and monitor all traffic patterns in certain parts of the day to ensure your vehicle will arrive ON-Time. We do close to 5,000 jobs each year, which 90% are based on special events and very important days. We always ask our customers for feedback after each and every run and we have a 99% success rate in our ON-Time performance. Too bad the airline industry couldn’t say the same. We treat every delivery with the greatest of care, and every customer with the highest level of respect.

What sets us apart from our competition?
The construction process of ULC’s limousines in one of the reasons we are is so special. Based on advice from clients and drivers, new limos are constantly being born. ULC designs and custom builds all of their vehicles. From the drawing board to when the vehicle is shipped, the construction process is entirely overseen by ULC’s staff. This is the reason that so many of ULC’s vehicles will not be seen anywhere else.

ULC was founded on 3 Principles:

  1. Integrity: From the point you make first contact with our service reps to your personal chauffeur for the day, you will not find another company in this industry who makes this there number 1 goal as long as we’re in business!
  2. Low Cost!: “always low price always”
  3. Quality Service: Please don’t take our word for it…see what others are saying, you can find us on Yelp.com, the BBB, the National Limousine Association…etc.. We also cut and paste testimonials customers email back to us after their service which you can find here.

All this adds up to one thing… Value to Customer – we suggest every customer to search around, check out everyone else. They always come back! We shoot to be the best for each customer who reserves from us.

United Limousine & Charter, “Where Service & Quality Come Together”

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