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Tips for Renting a Limo

Don’t just look for the ‘best price’
When you think that a price for a limousine is “too good to be true”, it probably is. Companies that have unbeatably low prices are usually operating without proper licenses, permits, or vehicles in good shape.

They often have older, more worn out vehicles, and often cannot help their clients in cases of accidents or ‘lost reservations’.

See the company’s vehicles in person
Don’t trust in pictures on a website – ask to come down and see the vehicles in person. Many companies don’t want you to see the vehicles beforehand, either because they’re not in the best shape, or because they don’t have a facility to house their vehicles in and have to resort to keeping them at their chauffers’ houses.

Get a contract with the company
Make sure the company you work with has a valid contract that binds and protects your rights with the company. In cases where reservations can run up to and above $500, a legitimate limousine company will always have a recent and explicit contract that states that the company has legal obligation to service their clients.

Make sure the company is properly insured and has the right permits
No one wants to have their night ruined with a driver who crashes the limousine or gets pulled over and doesn’t have the necessary license or permits. Ask the company for proof that they have insurance on all of their vehicles and drivers.

See if they have industry associations
Respectable limousine companies will have associations within the industry, such as the BBB or NLA (Better Business Bureau and National Limousine Association). Being a part of these associations means that the company pays their dues and is fully licensed.

Make sure the car and company are prepared for accidents
Only companies with proper vehicles and licenses will be able to help their clients in cases of auto accidents. Ensure that all vehicles in the company have had their timely inspections and are properly maintained.

Be prepared for how much it’s going to cost
Limousines can run from anywhere between $50-$150 per hour, and in some cases even more. This is in accordance to the fact that there are also hourly minimums for each vehicle.

Know that you still have to pay for the vehicle even if you’re at an event and not physically using it
Though you do have to pay for having the limousine sitting outside your event waiting to take you to your next destination or drop off, many companies will also offer discounts for extended periods of time, or will even offer to have 2 pickup and drop offs to save costs if the event is lengthy.

Know that there are minimum hours of rental for different vehicles
It’s almost never possible to rent any limo for a single hour. The most any company could accommodate for a moderate price would be a simple pick up and drop off versus using a car for its minimum hourly rental (usually 2-4 hours).

Be prepared for little to no discounts during prom season
Most companies will never do competitive pricing for prom season bookings, as the demand is high and the supply is low. There are usually only discounts offered for reservations exceeded 8 hours.

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